Roulette odds: keep abreast of the game, place bets and win!

Even those who are not fond of gambling make up for themselves some opinion about roulette, the probability of winning and the fairness of the game. Often this opinion is not very true. A lot of people have heard about big profits in the gambling business, which makes us think that the probability of winning at a casino is higher than that of a player. This is indeed so, and in the future we will see why.

How to play and not make a mistake

If you are seriously interested in how to win at roulette odds online, you should first find an honest and open casino. Experienced gamers on an intuitive level can understand whether gambling establishment is reliable or not, but novice players need to be extremely careful and even spend some time studying the basic indicators of reliability.

Among the main criteria of a decent institution are:

  • availability of a license;
  • extensive assortment;
  • high-quality visual design of games;
  • best odds in roulette;
  • good user reviews.

Remember that a reliable casino will take care of the timely withdrawal of winnings. While a site with a dubious reputation can disappear from the Internet in a few minutes immediately after you win a decent amount. This will subsequently lead to the fact that you will be left without a win and also in the red, because you spent money on placing bets.

Basic winning strategies

Tactics for winning roulette are divided into two groups: for land-based casinos and for online casinos. All strategies involve money management (i.e. managing bets depending on the situation), which increases the risks in the game. Since expectation is on the casino side, there are no perfect risk-free strategies.

Roulette table odds: varieties

Bets can be divided into three types. Inside Bets are bets on specific numbers, which are located on the playing field in the form of a table. Outside Bets are all other bets, namely: red/white, odd/even, number intervals, etc. The term “external” came from the fact that such bets are placed on the fields located on the edge of the playing field with numbers. Oral bets – bets on a specific group of numbers. They are used only in European and French roulette odds.

Inside Bets: odds on roulette

Straight Bet is a bet on a specific number, the payout on it is 35:1. Split Bet – bet on 2 adjacent numbers at the same time, which includes, among other things, the rates “zero” -1, “zero” -2 and “zero” -3. The payout is 17:1. If in the first case the chip is placed directly on the number, in the second case it is placed on the border of two adjacent cells on the table.

  • Street Bet – a bet on three numbers of one row, the payout ratio is 11:1. The chip is placed on the border of the internal and external betting areas.
  • Corner Bet – a bet on four adjacent numbers, the payout ratio is 8:1. The chip is placed at the point where these numbers are in contact.
  • Line Bet – a bet on 2 adjacent rows with a payout ratio of 5:1. The chip is placed along the outer line at the point of contact of the two rows.

Outside Bets: roulette wheel odds

  • Red or Black – a bet on any red or black sector with a payout of 1:1. The chip is placed on the corresponding color sector.
  • Even or Odd – a bet on any even or odd sector with a payout of 1:1. The chip is placed on the field with the designation “EVEN” or “ODD”.
  • Low or High – bet on the range of numbers 1-18 or range 19-36, the payouts ratio is 1:1. The chip is set in the corresponding field “1-18” or “19-36”.
  • Dozen Bet – bet on the range of numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36, payout – 2:1. The chip is installed in the sector “1 st 12”, “2 st 12” or “3 st 12”.
  • Column Bet – bet on 12 numbers in any of the columns with a 2:1 payout. The chip is placed under the selected column, there are three in total and they are designated as “2 to 1”.

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