Online Roulette odds calculator and tables

Roulette is perhaps the greatest mystery for newbies and experienced players at online casinos. The RNG that determines which number will fall after the spins can give one player a huge chance to win thousands of dollars while another guy will simply lose everything.

The dealers’ hand of the inclination of the wheel does not work online, which contributes to the fact that the ball falls mainly in one or another sector. Here a person needs to use a mathematically proven winning strategy — that is why players are looking for secrets and use different online Roulette odds calculating tools that will help them to guess the right number. A Roulette odds calculator online is one of those secrets.

The simplest tools to calculate online Roulette odds

Online Roulette odds calculator is the simplest tool that determines the player’s chances to win while gambling. Its main principle is that the program proceeds from the logic that each number or color should fall the same number of times. However, no one should forget about variance — this is the period in which the results of probability theory change somewhat.

For example, red appears three times in a row, and black appears one time. The more often a gambler uses such analytical software, the better and more accurate the result will be. According to most developers of such software, they were able to come up with a program that will help a player to plan their bets and selectable numbers for 10-20 rotations of the wheel.

Such Roulette odds online software is dangerous to use for players who practice the Martingale strategy. The latter works only over a long distance and choosing a potentially dispersed calculator for online roulette, one can lose a lot of money at the next bet without having to win it back.

The probability to win with various bets

Online casino Roulette odds also depend on the type of roulette. The American one with 2 Zeros gives a casino more chances to win. The house edge for various game types is as follows:

  • American — 5.2%.
  • European — 2.7%.
  • French — 2.7% or 1.35% when playing for equal online Roulette odds.

La Partage Rule. This rule works with French Roulette and it applies to equal odds (red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36), which have the same probability of winning and losing and which are used in many casinos. If a player makes a bet on equal chances, and the ball stops at Zero, then half of the bet made is returned to them.

Choosing bets with a table

There are special best odds online Roulette tables that show the probability to win. Using an online Roulette odds table, one can pick the numbers or colors to bet at.

For instance, if a European roulette is chosen, some inside bets look the following way:

  • Bet on Straight Up 1 number — 35:1 (2.70% probability to win);
  • Bet on 2 numbers (split) — 17:1 (5.41%);
  • Bet on 3 numbers (street) — 11:1 (9.30%);
  • Four of a kind (corner) — 8:1 (10.81%).

Some outside bets odds are:

  • Columns / Dozens — 2:1 (32.43%);
  • Red / Black — 1:1 (48.65%);
  • Even / Odd (18 numbers) — 1:1 (48.65%).

As one can see, 25 cent online Roulette best odds can bring a player a good win in case if they choose the “right” bet.

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