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You already have a good idea what EDC is at this moment. But you don't seem to get it why there are people that are so vested into this kind of approach when such a thing is normal for people to do so. If you think of it this way, it just tells you that you haven't learned yet why people are so committed to having an EDC list. Some of them even make updated with their list because they've found something new to experiment or use with. In this website, you'll learn what it is like to get a life with an EDC approach.

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Leather Travel Wallet Review

Posted by Sylvie Tremblay on October 8, 2017
Category: Travel Gear

Are you on the market for a new leather travel wallet?

There are many on the market so it can be tough to sort through them. One of the top options is the units from JooJoobs. The company produces a wide variety of wallets for men and women including travel wallets. This is a great compact wallet that’s easy to carry the money, cards, etc. you need during your trips.

What is JooJoobs all about?

It’s a family-owned business of leathersmiths who design and make hand-made leather products.

The wallets are produced from high-quality materials and include many designs, like men’s leather wallets, front pocket wallets, and travel wallets. The company focuses on producing high-quality wallets with the form and function that produce the best results.

Make sure to read Review of a Leather Travel Wallet before you pick a wallet. Here are some of the keys to look for in a review:

1. Security
When using a travel wallet, it’s especially important to protect your money, cards, and documents. That’s because you’re away from home and it can be tougher to replace anything you lose from your wallet. That includes cash, personal ID, visas, passports, and so on.

There are many ways you can lose them like weather, loss, damage, and theft. The key is to pick a wallet like a JooJoobs unit that will be as effective as possible in helping to secure the contents of your wallet.

2. Durability
JooJoobs travel wallets are very sturdy. This is a plus that makes it easier to tote the wallet with you wherever you go. There are various factors that affect the durability including the wallet’s material and craftsmanship. If you pick a JooJoobs wallet, you’ll get a highly durable one.

3. Style
JooJoobs travel wallets aren’t just rugged but also stylish. You can get a monogram with your initials put on the wallet. This adds some extra class and elegance to the travel wallet. So you’ll travel in style when bringing the wallet with you. The style of the wallet is just as important as the durability since it adds value to your purchase.

4. Handmade
Hand-made products provide extra style and quality to any wallet including JooJoobs. Most products today are made in factories to boost production. Is this a good thing? It can boost the number of units the company can churn out, but if you want the best quality wallets, you should look for handmade units like JooJoobs. It’s a great option because it means the company has taken the time and effort to provide you with the best quality travel wallet possible.

5. Material
There are many options regarding the material used for travel wallets. What’s the best option? You should consider leather wallets from JooJoobs. The leather is a durable material that provides style and elegance that provides you with the best experience possible. It’s still important to clean and maintain the wallet properly. If you do that the wallet will be long-lasting.

Top 10 Beaches Along the Eastern USA

Posted by Sylvie Tremblay on October 8, 2017
Category: Travel

Are you planning a trip to the East Coast of the US?

If so then you should consider visiting one or more of the region’s top beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Here are some of the best options:

1. East Hampton (New York)
East Hampton is one of the most picturesque towns in New York. It’s also become a popular vacation destination for New Yorkers. The area features white sand beaches and tasty lobster rolls. The town is located in Suffolk County and has a population of about 21,500 (2010). This makes it the perfect option if you’re looking a small yet great beach.

2. Nantucket (Massachusetts)
This is a very scenic location that includes houses with grey shingles and wild roses. Nantucket is a former whaling community and is 30 miles south of Cape Cod. The area became wealthy in the 1800s and today attracts wealthy vacationers from Boston and New York.

3. Myrtle Beach (South Carolina)
Myrtle Beach is located along the state’s 60-mile long Grand Strand. It’s also the biggest resort town in the area. Myrtle Beach includes over 90 golf courses, water parks, and amusement parks. It’s a great option for families, retirees, and spring breakers.

4. Southhampton (New York)
This village includes pricey shops and high-end dining. Southampton has a great mix of beaches, estates, and socialites. If you want to enjoy a getaway along the Atlantic, you can enjoy 7 miles of pristine shores, dunes, and grasses.

5. Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts)
This area is very popular during the summer months in particular. You can get to the beach via one 0-minute trail. This makes it very accessible. If you’re looking for an isolated beach, then it’s one of the best options not only on the East Coast but the US as well.

6. Hyannis (Massachusetts)
This is located on Cape Cod and has been the home of the Kennedy family and Taylor Swift. It provides a casual atmosphere and outstanding wind-surfing.

7. Cape May (New Jersey)
This is the farthest southern point of NJ’s Jersey Shore. The area includes bed & breakfasts and Victorian houses. The town was founded nearly four centuries ago in 1620 and is the US’ oldest seashore resorts. An interesting fact is the sun rises/sets over the water.

8. Kiawah Island (South Carolina)
This beach is only 15 miles south of the city of Charleston. The coastal island and golf resort includes 10 miles of white sand beaches, natural woodlands, and family amenities. So you can enjoy several activities like golfing or surfing.

9. Provincetown (Massachusetts)
Provincetown is located at the northern tip of Cape Co. It’s become famous for being the first landing location of the Pilgrims who landed in the New World aboard the Mayflower. The region has become famous for shops, galleries, and mansions. There’s something for everyone in the area.

10. Duck (North Carolina)
North Carolina’s Outer Banks covers 130 along the US’ Atlantic coast. Duck is a rental community located on the thin strip of barrier islands that feature frothy white surf and sand dunes. Duck is located in the northern area of the Outer Banks. There are no high-rise hotels in the area, but you can enjoy one of the rental homes available here.

key chain

Should this even be asked? When you ask someone about what are the most common items they carry in their bag, what would be their answer? In your case, you will never forget the keys to your car or your home. You even carry your cell phone with you. Sometimes, you just can’t be too comfy without some tissues. The common everyday carry items are different from one person to another, and that is the beauty of it. The reason is that it reflects the personality and lifestyle of the person carrying them.

You might want to check out the list below of the most common everyday carry items that people have.

There is no denying that modern smartphones have provided ways for people to do more than what they are capable of before. There is not a single device that can match the number of functions and its versatility. It can even sit still in the palm of your hands. With the accomplishments of the hardware alone, smartphones can reduce the need for you to carry a camera around. Did you know that most smartphones today are equipped with a high-quality camera? They are not the same camera that is used on smartphones many years ago. This is because they’ve found that many people enjoy a single device that is capable of doing a lot of things. And a phone that can take pictures and share it on social media right away is something that is highly in demand right now.

Smartphones not only reduce the need to carry a camera around. It also takes out your wallet, flashlight, pen, and paper, including your watch. This is a great way to live life for the minimalists, but the rest of the people do not operate digitally. In a lot of cases, there is not an app for such things.

The wallet is a thing where people keep their identification cards, cash and many other documents. The wallet may not be as important as the things that are kept inside, but it comes with a critical purpose in protecting the essential assets from loss and damage.

Why would it be a key chain? Why not the keys? Key-chains are the ones that keep the keys together so that it will not be lost easily. The keys itself can let you go to places and even secure things that are very important for you. Your key chains deserve its spot in the EDC list since they keep the keys close and even convenient to use. Maybe they can be a bit noisy, a challenge to manage and clunky, but most people can’t live without them. There are different ideas on how you can keep your keys together online, and it is up to you to conduct your research on it.

Many would be surprised when they read the knife included in the daily carry list. Certain laws forbid people from carrying them, but it all depends on the culture and the specification of what kind of knife is not allowed. The pocketknife is one that the law will not arrest you for it. They are tools used for survival, especially the ones that come with different functions that don’t only include the knife alone. When the pocketknife is used responsibly, it can handle slicing and cutting tasks in situations wherein you can’t find anything sharp to use at the moment. This is even usually better than using the house key, your hands, and scissors or even with your teeth.